Services and Rates

Personal Fitness Coaching

60 minutes: $40.00

Personal Physical Fitness Coaching customized to your catered needs for a better and healthier life.   

Fitness Group Coaching

60 minutes: $100.00

(Min of 3 people and prices may vary based on more people)

Nutrition Coaching

60 minutes: $150.00

Nutrition Coaching is for better vitamins, supplements, food, and eating customized for overall health.  

Life and Wellness Coaching

60 minutes: $150.00

Life and Wellness Coaching intertwines a clients life issues and overall wellness as it relates to lifestyle, stress, and mindful spiritualness.  

Life and Wellness Group Coaching

120 minutes: $300.00

(Min of 4 people but varies with more people)

Nutrition Group Coaching

2 hours: $300.00

(Min of 4 people and price may vary based on more people)

Relationship Coaching

180 minutes: $350.00

Relationship Coaching is for people to work out better understanding to build better relationships with better understandings whether it is father and daughter, mother and son, manager and coworker, husband and wife, or more.  

Relationship Group Coaching

6 hours: $700.00

(Min of 4 people and price may very based on more people)